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Erasmus+ 2022-1-TR01-KA220-HED-000085597

Bridging the Gap Between Biotechnology and Industry: Integrating Design Thinking and Flipped Learning

BIOTE(A)CH began in January 2023 for two years. It is coordinated by the Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University (Türkiye) with 4 University partners and a Bio-tech company and an Ed-Tech Enterprise. The main objective of this project is to bridge the gap between the university and industry through the validated and research-grounded understanding of the realities of biotechnology education within Europe. 

Biotechnology has been a major industrial sector, especially since the beginning of the millennium and a great employment opportunity for young undergraduates. Undergraduate programmes that conventionally offer scientific knowledge and technical skills for research or laboratories should be dynamically oriented to function as a bridge between Academia and Industry. BIOTE(A)CH, therefore, aims to improve the employment potentials of undergraduates by fostering design thinking in students and delivering courses through flipped learning to transfer their knowledge into practice.

Our Goals


We aim to support undergraduate students to connect data and information explicitly with the areas of knowledge, skills and approaches needed for professional work


We give importance to equipping undergraduate students for work in a world where technological innovations are the norm by fostering students' self-awareness to improve their transversal skills.

Dynamism & Synergy

We aim to create dynamism and synergy between the university and industry representatives to invest in innovation and innovative thinking.

Sail Smoothly from University to Industry

Project Results


By using BIOTE(A)CH curriculum, each biotechnology department will be able to activate students and promote them to develop innovative prototypes for the biotechnology-focused industry to produce food, materials and energy resources.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials will include two different types: Explanations by experts and Animated videos. They will address many academicians who are involved in biotechnology in an interdisciplinary way and increase the quality of teaching through flipped learning.

Lecturer's Guide

The Lecturer's Handbook will extend the competencies of educators and include a novel and scientifically proven course delivery design equipping undergraduate students with both information and skills required by the industry after graduation.